Scobleizer talks about A lists

Robert Scoble, the famous Microsoft blogger, takes issue with A Lists, or lists of top bloggers. He argues that there are thousands of A Lists depending on which subject you are talking about, so the notion that you can have just one is nonsense.

The Buzz

The Buzz is the lead blog on RBI’s BizBuzzMedia and is written by EG journalist Adam Tinworth. It is a blog about the RBI blogging experiment and well worth reading.

The Blogosphere is Flat

Steve Rubel argues that the development of the blogsphere mirrors the development of the internet itself. At the beginning it was mostly for geeks but then it went mainstream. He argues the current “A List” will become less revelevant as more and more specific A Lists for specific sectors pop up. This is potentially good […]

Best of the Web Survey

Business Week has opened its Best of the Web Survey which includes categories for blogs in several categories. Shortlists are published but readers can submit others if they don’t see personal favourites listed.

Blog Roundup

Newsweek has an interesting feature in its Blog Roundup which charts the top 10 Newsweek stories generating the most comment on the blogs. It’s powered by blog search engine Technorati.

Blogs & PR

Media Directory firm Bacons is offering a free whitepaper (registration required) on blogging and PR, as well as short briefings on what they see as the major blogs.

Blogging protects freedom

Curt Hopkins in this article in CNet News argues that it is relatively easy to put pressure on individual news sources, no matter how large, but impossible to block the work of thousands of inter-linked bloggers.

Blogs vs. MSM

This Scobleizer post illustrates an interesting development in the balance of power between bloggers and main stream media.