Windows Live goes WiFi

The Windows Live team have announced a beta called Windows Live WiFi Center, says Dare Obasanjo aka Carnage4Life.The product will allow you to search for WiFi spots around the world, manage a favourites list and comes complete with a free VPN solution. And, the team says, there’s more to come. Currently on limited beta, but […]

The best of Web 2.0?

Matt Cutts, the Google blogger who mostly focusses on search engine optimisation, takes a break with this post which asks: What’s your fave Web 2.0 company?

Tails wags dog

In the first example of its kind that I have noticed, the AOP reports: “Online publisher Magicalia, an affiliate member of AOP, has bought specialist magazine publisher Encanta Media for £2.72m million. Magicalia acquires Encanta from Endless, the Leeds-based £100m buyout and turnaround fund, which purchased the company in January this year following the collapse […]

Google aims for Office

Google is taking aim at Microsoft with Google Apps for Your Domain a productivity suite aimed at business. It currently comprises Gmail, Google Talk, Google Calendar and Google Page Creator, but there is bound to be more on the way.

Pictures with maps

Flickr has added geo-tagging capabilities to its photo sharing site. Using Yahoo! maps snappers can now add location to the other bits of info surrounding their master works. Via Wired.

Wired the wiki way

Wired is writing a story about wikis – as a wiki. The story will be read/write so that readers can contribute as well as read it. As Wired says: “If you don’t participate you can’t complain about the results.”

Premium news on a shoe string?

A start up from Sweden called Silobreaker could give the premium current awareness vendors a run for their money. The site indexes web content and adds a lot of tags – and then adds on some Web 2.0 interface stuff which makes for a nice-looking service. And at $398 a year it’s quite a bit […]

New features for Blogger

Wired’s Monkey Bites blog details improvements to Blogger’s interface which have gone into beta. At present these are only open to people who open new accounts, or a select few existing bloggers. The main changes are support for tags and for multi-user blogs.