Microsoft redux

It’s easy to forget that Microsoft is the largest software company on the planet, especially when the news is relentlessly against them. This week they unveiled financial results which show just how resilient they are: revenue up 32% to $14.4bn for the quarter and profit up 65% to $4.93bn. There’s life in the old dog […]

Methinks they do protest too much

Page 3 of The Observer today was entirely given over to a story about the backlash against “the web’s endless cacophony”. Citing British-born Andrew Keen, author of Cult of the Amateur out at the end of the month, it argues that the rise of self-publishing is a direct threat to truth and discernment as administered […]

Google number 1

Google has reached the number one spot in as a website and as a brand, points out John Battelle, citing two separate sources. Technorati Tags: GYM, search

Which search is best?

PC World sets out to find out as it road-tests a bunch of contenders. The verdict? Google is still best, but others are coming up fast. Technorati Tags: search

Web 3.0

What is Web 3.0? Robert Scoble, the ex-Microsoft blogger, has some ideas…. Technorati Tags: web, web2

A short history of blogging

One view of the evolution of blogging is here at Another view from… It must be happening…… Technorati Tags: blogs, online, predictions, humour

Forrester define participation

forrester_ladder.pngOriginally uploaded by jmuttram. Tech consultancy Forrester has defined a “ladder” of participation as part of its “technographics” research. Based on the US online population they have even helpfully put numbers on the different rungs. More on Charlene Li’s blog.


A Travolution snippet I forgot to add: Glen Drury of  Yahoo! illustrated the long tail by quoting a statistic that there are 2,100 different groups on Yahoo! Groups for backpackers. 2,100! Actually, I could only find 884 when I looked, but still…884!!!    Technorati tags: Yahoo!, long tail

Travolution Summit stuff

Spent half of today at the excellent Travolution Summit (full disclosure: it is run by my company, but has nothing directly to do with me).  It was a good line up including speakers from MSN, AOL, Worldspan (the GDS), Lonely Planet and Highlights for me: Stephen Palmer, EMEA ceo of Lonely Planet expounded on […]

Growth accelerates online

UK digital publishers experienced an average 60 per cent increase in turnover in 2006, and are predicting an average of 72 per cent growth for 2007 – double what they were forecasting this time last year, says the AOP’s annual survey of its members Technorati Tags: online