The boom in innovation

I’ve spent the past couple of hours going through my feed reader catching up on all the stories I’ve missed over the past week or so and I was struck by the enormous number and inventiveness of the new apps and hardware being reported on. It strikes me there are several things happening at once […]

The death of a business model

A man came to the door last night to try to sell me a framed photograph of my house taken from his light plane. Fifteen years ago, a couple of years after we moved in, the same thing happened. That time I was fascinated to see the image – I had never seen my house […]

Why large organisations find it hard to innovate

Large organisations find it so hard to innovate, according to Dr. Jeanne M. Liedtka, because of the “physics of growth”. Dr Liedtka, who is currently running an MOOC on Design Thinking which I am taking, says there are critical differences in the way VCs and large corporates approach innovation. VCs understand that their ability to predict […]

Lingering is bad for business

The FT ran an article last month which resonated considerably with me. The thrust of the piece was that lengthy goodbyes are not good for business. What is the point of these lengthy handovers? Once your departure is announced, your authority leaves with it. Your mind, however hard you try, is surely turning to what […]