Online news read, shock

Online stories are read more deeply than print stories, according to a tracking study by Poynter quoted by Steve Rubel. Technorati Tags: newspapers, online, research

Google to build ad network?

John Battelle speculates that with Doubleclick rumoured to be a Microsoft target, Google will be forced to develop its own 3rd party ad solution. Technorati Tags: advertising, GYM

Video ads better than images

Doubleclick has released some stats which show that video ads are twice as effective at encouraging interaction as image ads. Technorati Tags: advertising, video

More on Doubleclick follows up on its story about Doubleclick and its possible new life as a subsidiary of Microsoft. AOL and other media partners, it points out, citing ClickZ “would be loathe to let the company access user data flowing through DoubleClick’s DART ad serving system, and which compete directly with Microsoft’s MSN for ad dollars.” […]

Top mags see it through

The world’s top magazines like the Economist, Time and Newsweek are not seeing increasing online audiences erode their circulations, the PPA reports. Quoting the European Media and Marketing Survey, found that an increasing number of high earners tended to go first to the internet for news, but their buying habits were unaffected.   Technorati tags: […]

Doubleclick for Microsoft?

Is ad network Doubleclick about to be sold to Microsoft for $2bn? reports that the WSJ thinks its a possibility. Doubleclick is owed by San Francisco based private equity firm Hellman & Friedman who bought it in 2005 for $1.2bn. Other possibilities are an IPO or a sale to another private equity firm or internet […]

Vertical search – a Google-killer?

Andy Black of Convera writes about the possibilities for vertical search to unseat Google, on  He says adding targeted social networks alongside custom vertical search could attack Google’s achilles heel – its broad, horizontal appeal. Technorati tags: GYM, search

Thoughts on journalism

Some interesting pieces by Jeff Jarvis, first thinking about optimism and pessimism in the world of modern journalism and then on the thorny issue of outsourcing and modern newsrooms. Interesting and thought-provoking stuff. Technorati Tags: media, newspapers

Independent up

The online revenues at the Independent are up 65% according to Technorati Tags: newspapers, web