Glocer on content

Jeff Jarvis, again, from Davos – this time reporting on Reuter’s chief Tom Glocer’s views about user generated content. he doesn’t buy the professional/amateur line. (We’ll be left with no labels and no borders. And maybe that’s the point.) He says Reuters invented user-generated content 50 years ago aggregating trader information and then selling it […]

The Davos view of the future

Jeff Jarvis reports on a session with Bill Gates, Caterina Fake (Flickr), Chat Hurley (YouTube), Mike Parker (Nike), Viviane Reding (EU), and Dennis Kneale (Forbes) at Davos. The topics covered the future of television, the role of Government and IPR. Technorati Tags: politics, predictions

InCode predictions for the wireless internet

eWeek quotes wireless consultancy InCode’s (optimistic) top predictions for 2007: Social networking goes mobile. Sites such as MySpace and Facebook will add mobile users to their business model, and similar services will gain popularity with professionals and older users.Mobile TV. It’s just now making its first entries into the mobile device market, but it will […]

YouTube to share ad revenue

In a widely anticipated move YouTube confirms it will share ad dollars with users who upload video. Is this the beginnings of the business model which the world’s biggest video site was searching for? Scoble celebrates the move and suggests the move could catch on…. Technorati Tags: video

China leads the world

It is often said that “third world” countries have the advantage that they can leap-frog legacy technologies and move straight to better and cheaper ones. China proves the point by jumping to 4G mobile. Technorati Tags: mobile

Timeline feature

Browsing the BBC site I notices a nice timeline feature to illustrate the Northern Ireland Peace Process – a good example of a web-friendly interface which can’t be achieved in paper. Technorati Tags: tools

Search 101

MacWorld has a few useful hints and tips about how to find things more successfully on the web. Technorati Tags: 101, search