Glocer on content

Jeff Jarvis, again, from Davos – this time reporting on Reuter’s chief Tom Glocer’s views about user generated content.

he doesn’t buy the professional/amateur line. (We’ll be left with no labels and no borders. And maybe that’s the point.) He says Reuters invented user-generated content 50 years ago aggregating trader information and then selling it back. Adler asks him whether professional journalists will lose their jobs as a result of this. “I think there’s only one type of journalism, which is good journalism…. I know some professional journalists who write crappy text and I know amateurs who write beautiful prose.” Asked whether there willl be fewer professional journalists, once again, Glocer says there will be fewer newspapers and that there will be other opportunities for people who want to do journalism to get paid for it.

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InCode predictions for the wireless internet

eWeek quotes wireless consultancy InCode’s (optimistic) top predictions for 2007:

  • Social networking goes mobile. Sites such as MySpace and Facebook will add mobile users to their business model, and similar services will gain popularity with professionals and older users.Mobile TV. It’s just now making its first entries into the mobile device market, but it will become a primary driver of revenues.
  • Cheaper and more flexible multifunction devices. Look for 3G devices but with more functionality, higher speeds, and prices below $99.
  • GPS will become the location technology that the wireless industry actually uses in 2007. While many phones already have GPS support, applications that use that capability will blossom.
  • Internet Big Names will play a major role in IP Multimedia Services for mobile devices. An inCode study found that while these services haven’t taken off as expected, this may be because users don’t understand what they do. Expect to see names like Yahoo and Google on your mobile device.
  • China and India will become the hot mobile device markets, and as a result, mobile devices and services will focus on those markets first, rather than the United States and Europe as in the past.
  • Mobile advertising will boom. Be prepared for ads with your text messages and elsewhere on your 3G phone, targeted just for you.
  • Home entertainment will become part of the wireless world. This will include music and video downloads over both high-speed data connections and Wi-Fi. You will be able to play music, watch television or meet other data communications needs with your wireless device. This will be especially important in emerging markets, according to inCode.
  • Users realize that security is important. 2007 may be the year that hackers really make a move on the mobile device universe. Virus attacks, data loss and theft will become major concerns, and companies will finally need to pay attention to the risks from mobile devices.
  • Enterprises will embrace mobility. Companies will incorporate mobile devices throughout the corporation and will start to depend on wireless access to data as a routine practice. Some companies may completely replace their wired telephone infrastructure with wireless devices.

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