Yahoo! redux

Charlene Li of Forrester on the latest moves at Yahoo! which she thinks are really significant…. Technorati Tags: yahoo, social media

Groundswell data presentation 2.0

Groundswell is a new book about the impact of social media written by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff, Forrester analysts both. The web site has a great visual tool for displaying the categorisation system for social media they have developed. There must be hundreds of uses for a cool presentation like this. Technorati Tags: social […]

Google and the new economy

Jeff Jarvis reacts to the news of Google’s surprisingly healthy profits in the first quarter with his own theory: Google is rewriting the economics handbook and changed the definition of “the economy”. The old definition meant and measured the performance of big companies and their impact on each other. This was especially the case in […]

Alexa Announcement

Alexa are changing their ranking methodology by adding in more sources. But as Ciaron points out, since they don’t tell us who their new sources are, we won’t know whether the new rankings will be any less error-prone than before.

Online ads grow rapidly

A joint study by the IAB and PriceWaterhouseCoopers shows rapid growth in online advertising last year: Online advertising has grown from being the smallest market sector in 2003 to the third largest in 2007, with a new high of £2,812.6 millions. This represents a 38% year-on-year like-for-like increase, taking the medium to a market share […]

Tools geeks use

A group of tech-savvy Americans has been travelling in Israel this last week checking out the state of the Israeli tech industry. What web tools do these cutting edge types use on a daily basis? Find out here. Technorati Tags: tools, web2

Community manager profile

Ever wondered what the profile of a community manager is? Based on a rather unscientific sample Jeremiah Owyang provides his list of characteristics, abstracted from the 19 respondents to a recent job ad he posted. Technorati Tags: community

Widgets: show me the money

Where is the money to be made in widgets? Jeremiah Owyang provides a few (fairly unconvincing) suggestions. Technorati Tags: commerce, web2, widgets

Twitter tools

Jeremiah Owyang has a useful post listing all the handy Twitter tools that add value to the popular micro-blogging platform. Technorati Tags: tools, twitter