Twittergate explained

The “Twittergate” story, where a French computer hacker called “Hacker Croll” managed to steal over 300 sensitive documents from Twitter, makes very instructive reading. Tech Crunch tells the story and draws some interesting conclusions about just how simple it is to hack popular internet applications and cause havoc. Well worth a read.

Is Google turning into Microsoft?

Great, thoughtful post from Anil Dash, VP of Six Apart, asking whether Google is having a “Microsoft moment”. He defines it like this: This is the point when the difference between their internal conception of the company starts to diverge just a bit too far from the public perception of the company, and even starts […]

New rules for a new age?

Shoshana Zuboff was the Charles Edward Wilson Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School and in a remarkable post she has apologised for all the harm she and her colleagues have done to the business world. I have come to believe that much of what my colleagues and I taught has caused real suffering, […]

Data the saviour

A great piece by Frederic Filloux in the online newsletter Monday Note on the power of data for journalists. He cites several great examples such as Bloomberg, the NYT "Remade America" piece using Immigration Explorer as well as examples of map-based data on debt and crime. There is about to be an explosion of public […]