Get Google

Ivan Fallon, chief executive of Independent News and Media, takes a couple of pages of the Independent on Sunday to make the case that Google is going the way of GM and IBM: “every company contains the seeds of its own destruction and it may be that even Google, the miracle of the new media […]

More on blog interactivity

More on the Washington Post blog comments story from BuzzMachine’s Jeff Jarvis who offers advice to “old media” companies struggling with the fire hose of interactivity. Insightful stuff.

Washington Post Blog shuts off comments

Alarmed at the personal and vernacular nature of the comments it has received the Washington Post Blog has shut down its comments facility for the foreseeable future. UPDATE: More here on the article which created the problem in the first place and its aftermath.

Gathering a bubble?

Gather is a new Boston-based web business which is about to close a $6m funding round this week, according to Paid Content which aims to “gather” gifted writers by providing them a share of ad revenue collected. It’s a kind of modern-day publishing company…. and sounds a bit similar to the business John Battelle is […]

Keyword Prices Fall

Average keyword prices fell by 16% during 2005 according to SEM company Fathom Online who is quoted by this post from MediaPost.

The magazine as process

Interesting quote from Jeff Jarvis on The Buzz Machine: “Perhaps it is better to make magazines less of a product and more of a process, less of a subscription to a thing and more of a membership to a community.” He was discussing the practice of holding back stories for publication rather than talking about […]

Blogging blog advertising

Jeff Jarvis is blogging about his experiences with the various ad solutions which are springing up to allow bloggers to support themselves with advertising dollars. BuzzMachine has tried the lot….