(Very) mobile internet

Internet in your car. Unfortunately, only available in the States and only running on 3g and 2.5g networks so the promise will undoubtedly be greater than the reality, but still… This is being seen as the next big thing for cars… Technorati Tags: internet, mobile, cars

Demand for mobile web grows

Most mobile users now want to access the web on their phones reports OJB (Online Journalism Blog). Citing the first annual US mobile phone user survey by Azuki Systems, OJB reports that: Almost 80% of those surveyed said they wished it were easier to access information from the Internet on their mobile phones, and an […]

Calling time on the NYT

Marc Andreessen, founder of Netscape, calls time on the New York Times in an interview with Conde Nast’s Portfolio.com. When asked what he would do if he was in charge of the paper he answered: Shut off the print edition right now. You’ve got to play offense. You’ve got to do what Intel did in […]

How to write better for the web

Tim Ash, author of Landing Page Optimization and an industry expert in website optimisation,  has put together a three part post on "writing for conversations" on the The Official Google Web Optimizer Blog. Read on here…. Part One – Structure Part Two – Tone Part Three – Format Technorati Tags: 101,seo,writing,web

Online Tsar promises quick decisions

The Guardian carries what it says is the first interview with the newly-appointed minister for communications, technology and broadcasting, Stephen Carter.   His job, according to The Guardian, is to "draw together work in existing areas of government". He has promised to deliver swift conclusions on a number of pressing issues, the paper says, including […]

Gmail goes OpenID

Gmail has joined Yahoo! and Windows Live as an OpenID provider, meaning that you can now use your Gmail account to get a URL which will work in any site which is set up as a "relying party". To set it up go here and follow the instructions. Facebook is the last remaining big player […]

Geo-relevant content

ITN has started geo-tagging stories and locating them for users on a Google Maps mashup, reports journalism.co.uk. Technorati Tags: geo-tagging,mashup,news

Comments and how to deal with them

Michael Arrington of TechCrunch writes a funny post on his top 10 comment-types with suitable commentary on each of them. Worth a read… Technorati Tags: comments,TechCrunch,social media

Pay per story

The Online Journalism Blog has an extended piece about Dave Cohn, founder of Spot.us. Dave’s idea is simple: a journalist, a citizen, a community – pitches a subject to be investigated journalistically; the story is then open for funding, and whoever wants can contribute with a small sum; if the target amount is reached, a […]

Words of advice

Marshal Goldsmith, who writes the “Ask the Coach” blog for the Harvard Business Review, has some words of advice for those just starting out on their careers: “In this new era of uncertainty, we all need to think like entrepreneurs.” He starts his thoughtful post on the pressures of globalisation with the following reality-check: It […]