Browser uptake in enterprises has just released browser usage statistics for its service which is interesting in that the company’s clients are enterprises. What this shows is a much more conservative picture than we are used to: 51.7% of users are still on IE 6 even though IE 7 was launched in October 2006. As web usability guru […]

What our readers are really interested in

There’s a though-provoking post from Jeff Jarvis commenting on the difference between what people say they are interested in, and what there really are interested it. (The inspiration is the Florida obscenity trial where the defence lawyer used Google Trends data to shine a light on the local population’s real behaviour). His basic contention is […]

Popular resource

I’ve noticed more and more people lately using online slide sharing site Slideshare. Another tipping point, I wonder? Technorati Tags: tools,slides,internet

Getting past inertia

The Point (from Malcolm Gladwell’s book, The Tipping Point, apparently) is a site which aims to get collection action past the critical point when it will work. Users sign up to a pledge (dontate $10, boycott a particular store, etc) but are only committed when the required numbers of people have also signed up. That […]

Microsoft Office self help

My colleague Phil Harris points out a resource I hadn’t heard of – Office Labs’ Community Clips. The idea is that Microsoft employees and users anywhere can record simple "how to" videos which demonstrate in easy steps how to do things in the Office Suite. It’s a nice idea and could be a useful place […]

Salary surveys Web 2.0 style

Glassdoor is a new site which aims to bring the era of Wikipedia and user power to the traditional field of the salary survey. They encourage "insiders" to disclose salary levels and to rate the company and provide reviews to help others to decide whether to take that job offer. There is a give/get approach […]

Times archive goes online

The Times has launched its entire archive, dating back 200 years, in a new section of the site. There are 20m articles, ads and photographs in the archive. I particularly like the interactive timeline and the way the PDF pages are embedded into the site, and surrounded by integrated content about the major events covered. […]

Yellow pages for Twitter

Twello is a new service, currently in Alpha, which aims to categorise Twitter users by which sectors they are in. There are already listings for aerospace engineers, people in the oil and gas space, and in pharmaceuticals, for example. Could be an interesting resource for my more enterprising b2b publishing thought-leading colleagues…. Technorati Tags: directories, […]

Interactive timelines

Dipity is a new site which allows users to create interactive timelines on the web. The site claims there are already over 20,000 timelines available. Technorati Tags: tools, web2

More woes at Yahoo!

Techcrunch reports that Yahoo’s exodus of senior talent is continuing, this time with the departure of Joshua Schachter, founder of which was bought in 2005. Technorati Tags: Yahoo!,,departures