Knews – digg-like news which pays

Knews is a new concept news site which promises to split ad dollars with authors and to reward participants who propose or vote up stories. They have created their own currency – "watts" – and the amount of this which is earned determines how much money changes hands. Will it catch on? Technorati Tags: news […]

Gloomy thoughts on the future of civilisation

Tim O’Reilly outlines a glum proposition that the world may be heading for disaster as the oil runs out. Maybe, without oil, man will be unable to build the technologies which would lead to spacetravel he argues. And maybe this is a general, universe-wide kind of law which may solve Fermi’s Paradox? Technorati Tags: predictions, […]

Art for art’s sake

There was an interesting dinner conversation last night. It was sparked by a senior music industry exec (who I will call M – for “music” and not because it is his first, or last, initial). Was it not possible, he asked P (a leading British painter – again, initial for “painter” not …blah, blah) and […]

Rant of the day

There is something disturbing about extreme dog lovers. Today in the park I witnessed a typical incident. Man runs by jogging, dog chases man, dog owner says, in wheedling, ineffective voice ” oh Teddy, what are you doing?”, dog takes little notice but eventually gives up the chase. The attitude of the dog owner seems […]

Pay per performance

There has been quite a stir in certain quarters caused by this account of my PPA panel appearance on Tuesday. The main thrust of the furore (if I may call it that – storm in a teacup may be more accurate) is that paying journalists for page inpressions they generate inevitably leads to lowest-common-denominator journalism […]

Google Reader’s shared notes

Google Reader has added a shared notes feature. Simply drag the Note in Reader bookmarklet to the browser bar and then drag anything you want to share to the bookmarklet – either complete pages on just selected text. You can also add a note to describe your clip. Technorati Tags: tools

A b2b social killer app?

Many people have noticed the strong growth and burst of innovation at LinkedIn which is fast becoming powerhouse in the b2b space. I have an idea which could make a big difference – buy Dopplr. Dopplr is a relatively new site which makes it really easy to share trips. This is a great feature to […]


 According to Trendwatching there are powerful trends coming down the tracks concerning the environment. The latest briefing from this excellent site discusses the Eco-Iconic trend (where obviously eco-friendly brands gain status and stature) through Eco-Embedded (where companies have eco-friendliness as an intrinsic brand quality and always neutralise their eco-footprint) to Eco-Boosters (where products try to […]

PPA Conference

I spent the morning at the PPA Conference on a panel with Paul Way and John Barnes discussing the challenges of developing a digital business from within a traditional publisher – something we all have a lot of experience of. There were a few questions from the audience which I answered as well as I […]

LinkedIn: My Groups

I got my first invitation to join a LinkedIn group – as it happens a group looking at Web 2.0 in the HR space. LinkedIn seems to have gone into innovation overdrive lately, no doubt spurred by the stratospheric rise in social networking. The site really does look like its achieving critical mass and in […]