Tesla changes

One thing you have to get used to as a Tesla owner is that there are going to be changes in the cars and sometimes it will feel like you missed out.

Between the time I ordered by car and it was delivered Tesla announced what is known as the Raven update to Model X and Model S cars. My car went into product on April 5th and on April 23rd Tesla announced an upgrade. From that point the cars being made would have active suspension, longer range, faster charging and a few other things. I had just missed the boat.

But that is how it goes with Tesla – it’s a fast moving company and things change. Prices go down after you’ve ordered your car, or, like me, improvements are made that you miss out on.

However, since almost everything on the car is software controlled, you also get updates unexpectedly. My car got Sentry Mode (which makes all the cameras record suspicious activity around your car), numerous computer games, Netflix and YouTube playback and a ream of updates to autopilot which make the car better and better. Even the windscreen wipers are getting better with the “Deep Rain” AI continually improving performance in different rainy conditions. I didn’t order any of these things.

Some day all cars will be made this way.