Small is the new big

Jeff Jarvis on the inexorable slide of the local newspaper companies, who, he argues, have abandoned the small local advertisers and followed the large ones, only to find their market share slide in favour of the internet pure plays. A message here for b2b? Technorati Tags: advertising, media, newspapers

Hadoop vs Google

Will open source Hadoop “cloud computing” software unthrone Google? Read on here. Technorati Tags: computing, Google

Economist to try social networking againt reports that the Economist is working on a new social networking site for “incredibly bright and influential” people to commune together. This is despite the inconclusive end of its Red Stripe Project. Technorati Tags: social media

Google clear to buy DoubleClick

The FTC which regulates all things media in the US has finally given permission for Google to acquire ad network DoubleClick. Google’s own take on the decision is here. Technorati Tags: advertising, Google, m&a

ABCe figures for November are out

paidContent reports on November’s audit figures for the UK’s newspaper sites. The top five are now:1. Guardian Unlimited – 17.5m unique users2. Mail Online – 14.4m unique users3. Telegraph Online – 12.8m unique users4. Times Online – 12.28m unique users5. Sun Online – 11.6m unique users Powered by ScribeFire.

Blogging from an iPhone

I haven’t used my iPhone to blog yet so I thought I would give it a go. I can’t find any authoring tools so I’m using the basic WYSIWYG editor on Blogger itself. One funny thing: it wouldn’t let me enter text except in the HTML box – although that seems to be working OK. […]

Google’s competitor to Wikipedia

Google has launched a competitor to Wikipedia. Called Knol or Knols – we’re not quite sure – it features articles (or “knols” – units of knowledge – written by a single author but voted upon by readers. Lifehacker points out that, now Wikipedia makes up the top result in such a large proportion of searches, […]

P.O.S.T. for social success

Forrester analyst Josh Bernoff has come up with a new acronym to help companies navigate the world of social technologies. POST stands for People, Objectives, Strategy and Technology. People: don’t start a social strategy until you know the capabilities of your audience; Objectives: pick one – listending to customers, or talking to them, for instance […]