Social networks – the future of media?

Social networks will define media consumption in the future – or so says Dan Scheinman, senior vice president of Cisco Systems’ Media Solutions Group. Though it may sound like an activity relegated to high school and college kids, social networking is going to be the avenue for marketers and media companies to reach consumers and enterprise customers alike, Scheinman said.

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Common sense about naming

Forrester analyst Josh Bernoff has some sensible advice for those developing software or delivering internet based content – stop calling your customers “users”.

Try, just for a day, to stop using this word. You’ll be amazed at how differently you think about the world. Web users become people looking for information.
Application users become employees trying to get stuff done. Users of your Web site become customers….User-generated media becomes amateur media.

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Blog from the top

Reuters CEO Tom Glocer is blogging from inside the prestigious Allen & Co Sun Valley Conference in Idaho. Nothing too remarkable in the posts, but more remarkable in who’s posting. Incidentally it looks to me that Glocer has chosen to blog on Community Server, the same platform we are using on FlightGlobal and FWI to host our forums. I like the “Roller” function. You can also see pictures of Glocer with all sorts of famous people – The Queen, Vladamir Putin, Tony Blair, Nelson Mandela and Ehud Ulmert, the Israeli prime minister.

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