Google’s click performance

Wired has an analysis of what happened to Google’s share price when it became known that the growth in clicks per ad has stopped growing. Google’s stock closed down over 3% on news that the February click through rate grew only 3% in February compared with a year earlier and January didn’t rise at all […]

Charlie Koones joins has made some changes to reflect its growing business, including appointing Charlie Koones, until recently publishing director of Variety, to its board. Read the details: Charlie Koones is joining our board…till recently he was the president and publisher of Variety, and left in January, after spending 17 years within the Variety/Reed Business family. Koones […]

Changing perceptions

I was looking back through old blog entries and I realise that I had heard from Tom Coates, the lead on Yahoo’s Fire Eagle project at d.construct last September. At the time he was pretty dismissive of Twitter ("Twitter is a way of accessing error messages on IM".) Last week in San Francisco when I […]

US advertising

US newspapers have had their worst year for advertising for almost 60 years, reports Jeff Jarvis. Total print advertising plunged 9.4% to $42bn in 2007, the largest decline since records began. Internet advertising grew 18.8% to $3.2bn, but the rate of increase is slowing: it grew by 30% the previous two years. This looks like […]

San Francisco Bay

This is the view from the top floor bar at the Hyatt. You can see Alcatraz in the centre, along with the Coit Tower. And (although not shown) you can see the Golden Gate Bridge off to the left and the Bay Bridge off to the right. I’m told there is a better view but […]

Yahoo! Brickhouse

The high point of today was a trip to Yahoo’s Brickhouse research facility in the tech quarter of San Francisco. Chad Dickerson – the guy who organizes the famous hack days -gave us the run down. The facility was set up to allow an innovative culture to thrive away from the glare of corporate HQ. […]

How to organise a party with Twitter

Interesting post from Robert Scoble explaining how he and a couple of friends organised a party in under 30 hours using only Twitter. Although the example is social it started me thinking whether there wasn’t a more serious role for Twitter in the context of trade shows or conferences. Why couldn’t the technology be used […]


What does a modern start up look like up close? Pretty similar, it turns out, to those that you might have visited in the late 90s. From the games room to the free food and drink, the bean bags and the lava lamps, to the engineers in their shorts a visit to Palantir in Palo […]


My first visit – a very beautiful campus and an institution which seems to dominate not just the region but the whole technology space. We were there visiting Chuck House, executive director of Stanford’s Media X – a university-meets-industry hothousing experiment designed to get multi-disciplinary solutions to industry problems. “We are focused around where IT […]