Keeping track of the online you

Scoble on Plaxo’s new “online identity consolidator” which keeps track of all you profile information across the web (on Facebook, Flickr, Twittr etc) with an RSS-based micro-format. Technorati Tags: online, identity, social media

Brits race online

The National Statistics Office report on the state of online in Britain reports that nearly a million extra homes have gone online in the past year and eight out of ten connections were now broadband. This prompted Today to quiz web grandfather Vince Cern about the need for regulation to control the spread of user […]

UGC makes it to print

Jeff Jarvis reports that the Chicago Tribune has starting taking users generated content and putting it in a print publication and delivering to a few suburbs. He raves about opportunities this points to. For instance: You can go to the local bloggers and get news from their blogs. You can encourage them to do more […]

Why competition is a good thing

For many years Microsoft’s dominance of the desktop was virtually total – and it is still powering ahead today – but things are happening to shake their confidence. One is obviously the rise of Google and the alternative vision of simple applications – Google Docs and Spreadsheets and the rumoured presentation package expected shortly – […]

Go forth and blog, young man

Jeff Jarvis quoting some good advice for would-be journalists: Again, for those at the back: if you think you want to be a journalist, I now don’t think there’s any excuse not to have a blog. The closer you get to looking around for jobs, the better it should be maintained. If you enter the […]

CIA and FBI changing Wikipedia pages

Great story from eWeek telling how a new program called Wikiscanner has unearthed the fact that various stories have been edited on CIA and FBI computers. The fact that this is happened is not remarkable – it would be rather surprising if this didn’t happen from time to time. The interesting thing is the accuracy […]

Social media explained – simply

Forrester’s Charlene Li finds Common Crafts short, simple videos great for inhouse training on RSS, wikis, social networking, social bookmarking etc. Technorati Tags: training, social media, video

Amazon advances

(One I missed) First they brought you pay-by-the GB storage, then pay-by-the hour processing, now Amazon are launching a new Flexible Payment Service – report from Robert Scoble.   Technorati tags: commerce, software as a service

Google in the firing line

TechCrunch on the “hypocrisy” displayed by Google as it stops others crawling its news content on Google News (which of course relies on news  providers allowing their content to be crawled). It’s particularly galling, argues Michael Arrington (TechCruch founder) as they are now allowing people involved in the story to comment on it, thereby getting into […]

New ways to pay for content

Jeff Jarvis has a piece on a new Edgeio widget which will allow for a new way of charging for, and distributing, content within a site – via a widget. The step-by-step approach is amazingly simple, but the thing that excites Jeff is that all sorts of paid-for relationships could be developed which go beyond […]