Go forth and blog, young man

Jeff Jarvis quoting some good advice for would-be journalists:

Again, for those at the back: if you think you want to be a journalist, I now don’t think there’s any excuse not to have a blog. The closer you get to looking around for jobs, the better it should be maintained. If you enter the jobs market without one, no matter how good your degree, you’re increasingly likely to lose out to people who better present all they can do, and have the experience of creating and curating their own site.

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One thought on “Go forth and blog, young man”

  1. Yes, good advice. I’d also warn would-be graduates (whatever profession they’re going into) to beware the pitfalls of Facebook. A lot of the bigger employers now routinely check social networking sites to see what prospective employees are really like. You can spend as much time as you like drawing up the perfect CV, but one embarrassing/incriminating comment or photo and your CV’s back at the bottom of the pile!

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