Tips for founders

Onstartups, a blog for entrepreneurs has 17 Pithy Insights For Startup Founders. I particularly like number 13 – “The problem you solve should be ugly. The solution you build should be beautiful.” Can’t say this description springs to mind all that often, though.

WYSIWYG web 2.0 programming

Wired’s Monkey Bites blog has a write up on a new WYSIWYG web editing tool called Aptana that it says helps to get Web 2.0 effects quickly and easily.

Mash-up on the menu

MenuTree is a new mashup which shows restaurants on a map. It’s a lightweight mash-up, and is pretty light on content at the moment, but anyone publishing hospitality content should take a look.

The Answer to the big question?

Danny Sullivan asks if Yahoo! Answers may not be the next big thing on the web. He points out that it is growing nearly as fast as YouTube and MySpace (albeit from a smaller base).Via Steve Rubel

Tracking by numberplate

Wired News reports that License Plate Tracking technology, for now the province of US police departments, is set to go public. The systems, which cost about $25,000 are about the size of a can of baked beans and are powered by a cigarette lighter. Attached to a laptop they can check up to 60 plates […]

Internet ads continue to rise

Online advertising spending is set to grow 25 per cent worldwide in 2006 says a report from Carat, quoted by the AOP. Internet advertising will continue its rapid ascent in 2006 and help prop up growth in the ad market as a whole, according to a new report from Carat International. The Aegis-owned network said […]

Amazon video business to launch next month

According to’s movie service will launch in mid-August. [The service], which has been in the works for some time now, will launch mid-August, report AdAge. The service, called Amazon Digital Video — or Amazon “DV” — has evolved over the past year from a music-themed offering to a video-centric one, mainly because of […]

Video for the masses notes the explosion of small live gigs which are being streamed live to satisfy the demand for niche content – another example of the democratisation of the medium. There are a number of companies springing up to satisfy the desire more more specialised content like Network Live and Livenation. The Long Tail is making […]

Technorati facelift

Zoli’s Blog was first with the news that Technorati has updated its UI, even stealing a march on David Sifry who was now has more details up.