Personal domain site up and running

I'm pleasantly surprised to be able to report that my personal domain is now functioning with Posterous. It's not that it's particularly complicated to redirect DNS, it's just that one does it so rarely it's easy to get lost in the detail. Now to see whether changing my blog platform will mean I post more […]


I sat through an inspiring presentation from Christian Payne (aka Documentally) yesterday in Quadrant House and it has prompted me to spring clean my online presence. So today I started to look again at Posterous where I set up an experimental blog some time ago which has been languishing ever since. I have tried to […]

Amateur thoughts on immigration

Yesterday I went to my son’s school for the annual Prize Giving ceremony. In all there were 134 prizes awarded to boys from all years in the school. What struck me was the number of pupils who were not from white British ethnic stock. According to my own amateur stab at the maths (and judging […]