China internet revisited

I published this post on another (now defunct) blog two years ago at about the time Google fell out with the Chinese government. I’m not sure I would now agree with my prediction that indigenous innovation would suffer, but certainly the climate for internet services doesn’t seem very much better.————————– I was in Shanghai last week when […]

Will Apple miss the next big thing?

Will Apple be smart enough to capitalise on the next big opportunity in personal computing – turning the smart phone into the CPU for computing anywhere? I remember back to the time when there was a huge debate about “convergence” – the big question about whether consumers would accept one multi-functional mobile device (the Swiss […]

Community from spam

Sometime last week I started to get spam email from a Middle Eastern site called GulfMalayaly. I just deleted as I mostly do with this kind of spam as I have found in the past that the “unsubscribe” options is only partially effective and, anyway,  I’ve got better things to do with my time. Pretty […]