The death of a business model

A man came to the door last night to try to sell me a framed photograph of my house taken from his light plane.

Fifteen years ago, a couple of years after we moved in, the same thing happened. That time I was fascinated to see the image – I had never seen my house from that perspective before. I can’t remember what I paid, but it wasn’t cheap, and I was happy to pay.

This time I declined. I am now so used to seeing my house from the air there is no novelty anymore. What’s more, I’m confident that the image on the web will be updated regularly – not the case with the picture on the wall.

The doorstep seller argued that his photograph was much better quality and seemed a little cross that I wasn’t buying. I can only guess that is because he got the same reaction at every door. This is the innovators dilemma at work; web imagery is already good enough for most of us, and they will get better and better, that much we can be confident of.

 One more business model bites the dust….

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