“The Business” vs technology

One of the abiding complaints that I hear all over the publishing industry is that “technology” just don’t understand “the business”. It has always struck me as odd that these monolithic and unhelpful descriptions have been so enduring; it’s not as if technology, in all its guises, hasn’t be central to our success as an […]

Media in the open

This is the weatherman for ESPN Chicago doing his stuff in a studio in a shop front on Michigan Avenue. It gives new meaning to the term “transparent media”.

Elsevier’s experimental articles

Elsevier has announced an experimental project to design the scientific “article of the future”. There are currently two prototypes which our sister company is inviting comment on from the scientific community here and here and from my standpoint these look like pretty good attempts to update the scientific article formula. I particularly like the way […]

Media needs to catch up

It is a testament to how much the world has become connected by the web that when you see something like this it just seems so lame and so anachronistic. You can read a review of the Nintendo DSi which has just launched in Japan, or watch events than happen all over the world, but […]