4 hour work week

I’m reading a very thought-provoking book called The 4-Hour Work Week, by Tim Ferris,. This was prompted by several recent blog posts from, among others Jeff Jarvis and Robert Scoble. I couldn’t put my thoughts better than Scoble:

Tim Ferriss’ book, the 4-hour Workweek, is getting me to look at my life differently. I already do some of what he suggests but the book really is a great way to evaluate what you’re doing. Even if the book is full of stuff you’ll never use, it does get you to sit down and look at life differently. The book is great, I’ve already recommended it to several people and it sure does challenge you to make sure you’re moving your life in a direction that’s good for you, not just for everyone else.

It’s quite Californian, but great for thinking outside the box.

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