A MoJo lets his readers define story

A great post by Daniel Victor sets out to explain his new role as MoJo – mobile journalist. He seems genuinely excited about this new challenge:

What that means is, correctly, still to be determined. We do know it’ll involve video, still photography, print stories and a lot of updates for the Web. We know I’ll have a laptop and an aircard, will file most of my stories from my car and coffee shops, and will aim to be in the office as little as possible.

He says his stated goal will be have one originally generated story a day, be it in words, video, audio or some combination.

Every day I’ll solicit story ideas from my readers via comments on the blog. At the end of the day, I’ll post their story ideas in poll form, and my readers will vote on which one they want me to cover tomorrow. And that’s the one I’ll do.

The new tools available to journalists – from laptops, Blackberries and Flip video, to Moveable Type, Twitter and Flickr – make possible a dramatic re-invention of the profession. It is only a pity that there are so few actively engaged in pushing the boundaries so far.

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