AOP research digital future

New research from AOP and Deloitte finds publishers much more comfortable about the digital future. On average publishers say digital will make up 40% of revenues by 2012. Advice, distilled from the research, follows….

1. Make it simple Develop and clearly articulate a simple overarching strategy that sets out how your offline, online and mobile offerings interplay. Ensure it delivers incremental value to customers;
2. Know your customer Get to know your customers and grow with them. Don’t ignore the young – they are your future;
3. Profit from personalisation Personalise to provide what customers want at the right price and they will come. Don’t be afraid of breaking your traditional one-to-many publishing model;
4. If you can’t beat them, join them Embrace those who won’t opine about or contribute to your product; they will ultimately enhance and support your brand;
5. Fee or free Look beyond the printed word and focus on the brand at the centerpiece for generating revenue.

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