Bumper year for b2b media M&A

Folio Magazine has a cover feature on b2b media’s year of mergers and acquisitions.

Each media banker has a different spin on how many deals occurred in 2006 and how much was spent overall. But all agree that the market was booming. DeSilva + Phillips reports 151 transactions and a dollar volume of $20.5 billion in media transactions, making it the strongest year since 2000 (and close to that year’s total volume).

The following chart illustrates the significance of the activity very well:



Folio looked at 10 of the top deals in more detail:

• CMP Technology/United Business Media
• 1105 Media
• VNU (Renamed Nielsen)
• Penton (Prism)
• Reader’s Digest Association
• Primedia
• The Wicks Group
• Metal Bulletin
• Summit Business Media
• CondeNet

The prospects for more activity, fuelled by easy access to debt, look just as strong, says the magazine.


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