d.construct – the full story

I promised yesterday that I would write a full account of the conference today, so here goes.

The first thing to say was that it was very well organised Рbut in a very informal way. Everything was done over the web and email, there was a very intuitive web site , the price was cheap Р£70 I think Рand all you had to do when you turned up was be prepared to provide some ID.

This is the first conference I’ve come across in the UK which is starting to feel like the US blogging and Web 2.0 conferences (e.g. Blogher – for women bloggers) and it encouraged widespread use of social networking tools like this photostream on Flickr.

There was a great line up of speakers: for instance Jeff Veen project lead for Measure Map, Google’s newly-acquired analytics service; Jeremy Keith from Clearleft, Simon Willison and Paul Hammond from Yahoo!, Derek Featherstone, founder of Furtherahead , and Thomas Vander Wal, founder of Infocloudsolutions and the person who coined the term “folksonomy”!

It was a geek conference, but, apart from one presentation, not too geeky at all. And there were some good insights….which I will expand upon in my next post.

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