Five Digital Trends for 2009

Steve Rubel, Edelman’s "Director of Insights" (great title) has produced a sensible white paper of five digital trends to watch in 2009. They are:

Satisfaction Guaranteed – Customer care and PR are blending as consumers use social media to demand service

Media Reforestation -  The media is in a constant state of reinvention as it transitions from atoms to bits

Less is the New More – Overload takes its toll. Gorging on media is out. Selective ignorance and friends as filters are in

Corporate All-Stars – Workers flock to social media to build their personal brands, yet offer employers an effective and credible way to market in the downturn

The Power of Pull -  Where push once ruled, it’s now equally important to create digital content that people discover through search

Download the full PDF whitepaper here.

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