From newsroom to information center


Gannett is rolling out a new newsroom template for its newspapers. It’s called the Information Center and has already been tried in part at eight papers and in full at three more: Des Moines, Sioux Falls and Brevard.  Gannett CEO Craig Dubrow explains in a staff memo (via Romenesko), describing a platform agnostic, 24/7, local-oriented, crowd-sourced enterprise: “What they found is remarkable: Breaking news on the Web and updating for the newspaper draws more people to both those media. Asking the community for help, gets it – and delivers the newspaper into the heart of community conversations once again. Rich and deep databases with local, local information gathered efficiently are central to the whole process. The changes impact all media, and the public has approved. Results include stronger newspapers, more popular Web sites and more opportunities to attract the customers advertisers want.”

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