4 thoughts on “I’m not alone…”

  1. Just dipping a toe in the water to leave my first ever blog message… Interesting to read about your tortoise-related musings, Jim!

  2. Me too. Did you you know that the world’s oldest tourtoise – Timmy (no relation) – died last year aged 160. Apparently he was mascot in the Crimean War and was first discovered on board a Portuguese vessel in 1854.

    He was found by Captain John Courtenay Everard of the Royal Navy, a relative of the 10th Earl of Devon.

    He then stayed aboard a succession of naval vessels until given a life ashore in 1892 and was looked after by the members of the Courtenay family ever since.

    In recent years, he wore a tag reading: “My name is Timothy. I am very old – please do not pick me up.”

    No doubt I shall by wearing a similar badge when I reach my dotage…

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