Internet video to win out

Jeff Jarvis expounds on the (his) predicted explosion of internet video. The costs, he argues, are so much different than conventional TV that “new” TV cannot but help to become very prevalent.

All this comes at an astoundingly low price. Factual programming on US and UK networks costs about £150,000 per hour. A US network executive recently bragged that his digital studio had reduced his cost to £500 a minute. Dale runs the network with a one-year, £1m investment from YouGov founder Stephan Shakespeare and I asked him to estimate his production cost. Subtracting bandwidth and internet, he calculated £70 per hour. So expect more talk online, much more.

He quoted Sam Roake, head of David Cameron’s web strategy, speaking about what US presidential candidates could do to capitalise on “small TV”:

They should respond to voters by name: “See them as people who want to engage with you.” He recommends being “personal, open, spontaneous”. But most of all, he said, don’t script and spin your videos.

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