Lifecycle of a story web 2.0 style

There’s a great post by Alison Gow detailing how much different the act of creating a news story is in a web 2.0 world (thanks to the Online Journalism Blog for the pointer). It’s a great checklist for journalists and their editors and shows just how much has been added by the recent slew of new online tools. As Alison says:

I had no idea when I started doing this how thin the ‘old’ opportunities for investigating stories would look compared to the tools at our disposal now; it’s quite stark really. It drives home just how important mastering these tools is for journalists as our industry continues to develop and change.

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2 thoughts on “Lifecycle of a story web 2.0 style”

  1. Thank you! It certainly sparked an interesting debate among those posting comments, which also gave me lots to think about.
    Now I’ve got the presentation ready to show our reporters so it will be interesting to see what their thoughts on the subject (particuarly the potential time commitment) are.

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