Netscape woos Diggers

According to Wired News Netscape is offering to pay people to blog. The story goes on:

Jason Calacanis offered up to $1,000 a month to woo volunteer posters away from popular reader-generated link sites like Digg and Reddit. A post on Calacanis’ personal blog is offering potential contributors — which he’ll call “Netscape Navigators” after they jump ship — the $1,000 monthly stipend for a minimum of 150 posts on the recently redesigned Netscape site.

The posts would be similar in content to the highly popular submissions on Digg, which are generally sparse on original content but offer links to original stories elsewhere on the web.

Calacanis believes that “crowdsourcing”, where a large pool of users contribute content to a community with little or no monetary compensation, is an outmoded idea.

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