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I know I should have come across this before, but I haven’t, so I’m guessing some of you may not have… They Work for You is a great site from which allows you to track your MP, finding out what they are speaking about, how they are voting and what written questions they are putting. You can even get an email every time your MP speaks. What a great idea.
Some other sites set up by mysociety for various clients include No 10 Petitions Website (does what it says on the tin), Fix My Street (ditto), PledgeBank (which works by building peer pressure for action of a particualr type), What Do They Know (marshalls Freedom of Information requests to shine a light on who local authorities are awarding contract to, how much funding is going into the police, etc), Write to Them (enables you to easily write to your MP) and Hear From Your MP (which encourages your MP to talk to you about issues they think are important – 60,000 people and 160 MPs have signed up.)

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