San Francisco innovation

Off to San Francisco tomorrow for a whistlestop tour of some innovative companies courtesy of the Reed Elsevier Innovation team. We’re going to be based in the J W Marriott in Post Street and will be hearing from Affinity Labs, Allbusiness and Healthline before heading off to Palo Alto to visit Media X and Palantir. Day two we’re off to see Yahoo! and Frog Design. I’ll try to blog my experiences as they happen (I’m hoping to take advantage of Google’s famous free wireless, but we’ll see… ) If there’s anything you want me to ask any of these guys, leave a comment and I’ll do my best…

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2 thoughts on “San Francisco innovation”

  1. Name is Laura Marlow, I manage the Innovation Program for RBI. I would be very interested to hear more about this conference and what you learned. Thanks!

  2. Jeff Honious ia your best bet – he organised it and he can give you chapter and verse (aside from what you can read in this blog!)

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