The car as a new frontier for what’s left of Nokia?

Microsoft’s headline-grabbing acquisition of (most of) Nokia’s handset division dominated the airwaves this morning but among all the coverage was a piece from Techcrunch on the bit that Nokia is left with.

That is, somewhat clumsily, called HERE and it is a software business building on top of the maps division. This business is focused on providing in-car navigation solutions for cars, but also, and most importantly, on developing the integration between cars and mobile platforms in a branded and white label fashion.

This just could be a very rich space. Despite the obvious moves from IOS and Android to move into the car space, the reality in most vehicles (my Mercedes being a case in point) lags very far behind.

Potentially HERE could carve out a very lucrative future in providing the fiddly bits that make slowly-evolving cars work seamlessly with  the fast-moving consumer electronics that we all want to integrate with them.


Read more on the connected car and what it means for platform providers and the cellcos in this thought-piece from Rethink.

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