The day at FOWA

I’m spending the day at Future of Web Apps, a two-day conference featuring some (what I hope are) interesting speakers, including Mike Arrington of Techcrunch, Kevin Rose of Digg and Matt Mullenweg of WordPress.

A few things I like about the event: there’s a system of stickers, for people with money and people who need money; and for people with jobs and people looking for jobs; all the seats are within range of power; there is wifi – but sadly not free. (15.30: UPDATE: it appears the organisers did spend the money on a really whizzy wireless network, but the telco cocked up and hence the fallback – BT OpenZone, which simply can’t cope with the volume! They promise to try to get it working by tomorrow).

A few things I don’t like: the (standard Kensington Town Hall) coffee costs £1.50 (when there’s a Cafe Nero just down the road; there’s not much imaginative use of web technology – questions could be gathered from the floor during the session online (especially as every third person has a laptop.

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