The end of RSS?

Steve Rubel cites a Forrester report which suggests that the 11% adoption rate for RSS may well be the most it will achieve. I think there is a real confusion at the heart of this assertion. We are currently migrating our services to EpiServer  and RSS is going to be the transport mechanism at the heart of the platform. Zibb, Reed Business’ b2b search engine uses RSS and a core part of the engine – to great effect on Computer Weekly, our UK IT site. While consumer adoption of RSS in its raw form may well remain low, RSS will be embedded in practically everything we do. Just read my previous post about AppLoop.

One thought on “The end of RSS?”

  1. I agree.
    We’re just had an discussion regarding ‘unleashing’ RSS feeds from inside EPiServer CMS – virtually anything could be RSS feeds. Versions, errors, key indexes, events, stuff and so on forever and ever. Very powerful when you do it right – system to system or system to human.

    //Mattias (EPiServer AB)

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