The return of the enterprise portal?

A few years ago the view was that the enterprise portal – the intranet – was going to be the saviour of big business, but putting all the apps and info that individuals needed onto one screen. Companies like Plumtree and Hummingbird were going to make it happen.

However, legacy got the better of everyone and the dream didn’t come to pass.

In recent months, though, I sense the idea coming back and this time I think it may in fact make it. The Maxthon browser, written on top of IE 7, aims to bring a wide range of tools into one interface, using, of course, RSS and the Atom publishing protocol.

And at this year at Demo 07 there were a few RSS enabled apps, the most significant, perhaps, WorkLight. This is an app which allows corporates to create secure RSS feeds from enterprise systems. From these, microformats and widgets, maybe the future workplace will be built.

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