Women dominant online

The AOP reports that young women are the dominant demographic online.

Women aged 18-34 are the most prevalent demographic group, accounting for 18 per cent of all active online Britons, and more than one-fifth of all UK computer time, according to Nielsen//NetRatings.

The 18-34 year old bracket including men and women accounts for 32 per cent of all active online Britons, said Nielsen.

Users aged 18-34 year old spend the most time online, the research company found, spending around 60 hours a month on their computer, compared with under 18 year olds which spend around 16 hours.

Nielsen also reported that, contrary to conventional wisdom, there are 1.7 times more 50+ year olds than children under 18 active on the internet, and one in four Britons online is at least 50 years old.

The overall UK internet population is split almost equally between males (51.5 per cent) and females.

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